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How to match on the Bank Reconciliation

This article looks at matching transactions with the bank reconciliation feature.

Step 1: Got to Financials > Bank accounts


Step 2: On the relevant bank account select ‘Start Reconciliation’.


Step 3: On the left will be the Imported Statement lines. On the right will be the available Arthur transactions.


Step 4: If it’s a match, then click match. This will pay off the charge and create a receipt on their statement.


Step 5: If it’s not a match, then click ‘Not a match?’ in the top right.


Step 6: Use this screen to select an option to reconcile.


Step 7: Use search transactions to view all transactions you can match or select multiple.


Step 8: Once you have found the correct transaction then press select > Then match.

The automatic match looks at the description and date and suggests a match within 14 days or a matching detail. Failing that, the closest date will be suggested.

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