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How to notify council tax and utilities of new and ended tenancy

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understanding events and actions

How to add actions to events

Notifying council tax and utilities will be done on any of the following status update depending on your process.

  • Updated to approved
  • Updated to current
  • Updated to ending
  • Updated to past

The most common ones are on update to current and update to past .


Step 1

Create the emails;  Go to settings>automated events>tenancies>tenancy status set to current>add action How to add actions to events

Please ensure that the recipient is unit council or unit utility


Where does the data sit that merges the council tax data on the email

The quickest way to update the unit council tax is go to property>property information>council. Ensure you tick update for all units



Where does the data sit that merges the utility on the email

To see how to add utility see Adding utility and emailing a reading


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