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How to Print a Property Owner Statement on Enhanced Reports

Property Owner Statementcan be printed at the following levels:

  • Entity
  • Property
  • Unit
  • Tenancy

The example below is showing a statement at property level.

Go to the Property (1) you would like to print the property owner statement on.
Click on Statements (2) then change the statement at the top to a Property Owner Statement (3). Once you have done that, click Print statement (4).


Click on the Enhanced Report tab and select Property Owner Statement (5) from the drop-down menu, then click Continue (6).



Your statement will be opened in a new tab, on this page you have the option to save the statement or print it (7).
Also, you have the option to select a date range for your property owner statement as shown highlighted below (8), and switch between different templates available (9).


If you want to change the logo on the enhanced reports, click this link and follow instruction – Personalising your Arthur Account

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