How to Print a Property Owner Remittance Statement

Property Owner Remittance Statements can be printed at the following levels:

  • Entity
  • Property
  • Unit
  • Financials > Payments List

The example below is showing a statement at property level.

Go to a Property > Statements > Property Owner Statement (or any other way you have been taught to locate your owner remittance statement)

Go down and find the “Property Owner Remittance” transaction, then click the drop-down button on the right-hand side of it and click “Print”.

Pick the Property Owner Remittance Statement from the drop-down menu and click Continue

Your statement will be opened in a new tab, on this page you have the option to save the statement and switch between different templates available on the left hand-side menu.

If you want to change the logo on the enhanced reports, click this link and follow instruction – Personalising your Arthur Account


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