How to Print and Send Rent Demands in Batch

*NOTE: You must be on Professional/Enterprise package to use this feature.*

*In order to use this feature you will need to use the Days in Advance feature on Arthur, this will ensure your transactions are created and listed on your Tenant Statements prior the due date so you are then able to send out Rent Demands in advance*

Step 1

Go to Financials > Rent Demands

This is a page listing the tenancies on your account.

Select All or Select/Deselect the tenancy statements you would like to print in batch.

Step 2

Go to Reports > Batch Print Reports

A list of all batch reports you have printed on Arthur are available, you can filter by Tenant/Owner batch reports and batch email from this screen.

Select “Email Recipients”

Step 3 – Batch Email Tenants statements

Tenants without email will not receive their statement so be sure to add emails for all tenants, within their Tenancy screen then return back to Batch Reports to process the email.

Preview your statements then once happy, send them off!

The completed invoice will also be found in the tenancy>documents

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