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How to purchase rent guarantee insurance from Advanced rent having purchased a reference from an alternate supplier

Step 1

Go to Tenancies>Rent Guarantee>Buy Insurance


Step 2

Select ‘Buy Now’ (DO NOT go via accepted references) which will take you into Advanced Tenant Reference’s form to purchase. Please note that because you’re not buying against a reference completed in Arthur the documents will not come back into Arthur but will need to be manually uploaded.


Step 3

Complete the 3 stage form to confirm details for the insurance provider.

Step 4

Pay for the policy. Payment is not taken by Arthur but by Advanced Rent themselves.

Step 5

View the policy.

Insurance index page

This lists all purchased insurances.

Tenancy page

If an insurance policy is purchased with a reference completed outside of Arthur, you will need to update the tenancy record manually. To do this go to Edit Tenancy.


You can then update the insurance fields. Documents will also need to be uploaded against the tenancy.


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