Recharging Invoices Raised through Contractor App

This is an Arthur financial scenario where your Contractor has raised an invoice and you want to recharge an owner/tenant. If your contractors dont use Arthur and you would like to raise these as disbursements then please use this article for guidance How to add Contractor Disbursements

Toggle Contractor Recharge Settings

Choose if you want Arthur to automatically recharge your Owner with the same amount or if you want to manually perform your recharge (this way you can input your mark-up).

If/when unticked you can then follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go To Financials > Unpaid Invoices

Locate the invoice raised by the contractor (Note: This will be called “Charge from Contractor”)

Step 2

Click the drop-down on the transaction then select “Recharge”

Note: You can only choose Paid to/by “Tenant” if the Work Order is added at Tenancy level

Note: Once you have completed the Recharge it cannot be undone

Once the recharge is complete there will be a Recharge tag on the invoice.

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