How to Remit to Property Owners in Batch

*NOTE: You must be on Professional/Enterprise package to use this feature.*

Step 1

Go to Financials > Property Owner Remittance

Step 2

*Note: Please make sure your remittance values are correct before you remit in batch* This can be done by:

1. “select transaction and remit” and viewing the listed transactions on each remittance line, or; 

2. Go To Reports > Financials > Property Owner Balances. This report details all unremitted transactions on your owner statements, you can use this to ensure  your remittance amounts are correct for each owner before processing in Batch.

Once you are happy with your remittance values. Select/deselect the lines you would like to remit. Then select “Batch Remittance”

Step 3

On this page you can adjust the float amounts for each remittance line. Once happy select the date and the bank account/s you are paying the remittance out of, then select “start remittance”.

Step 4

Once the remittance is processed you can see the remittance payments on “Payments List”. On this page you are able to send remittance statements to owners in batch.

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