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How to create an additional reason for a change tenancy build automation around the change

The change tenancy feature allows users to make changes to a tenancy in an easy flow that include for example :

  • Renewal of a tenancy
  • Moving a tenancy to another address

This is related to

How to move a tenancy to a new unit

How to renew a tenancy

Please note:

  1. This feature will work well with Xero and Quickbooks and does not require any changes to the mapping
  2. You cannot move a tenancy from one unit to another if there is a different owner or no owner.  If the move involves a unit with a different owner then please set exiting tenancy to past and re-create a new tenancy.

How to create bespoke reasons for a tenancy change to show as a reason for using this feature

This gives an additional description of the reason for the change

Go to prefrences>tenanciess>add a new type, For example, Create a reason called  “Move tenancy (pricing)”
















How to change a tenancy







Define the reason for the change renew, move etc



Now go through the 4 steps of the change tenancy screen





How to create automated actions around the tenancy change

Go to settings>automated events>change tenancy

From here you can build your automation. This is linked to understanding how to add an action to an event





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