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How to run a Sync with Xero

In order to run a sync you must have completed the integration between Arthur and Xero, see below for articles on integrating with Xero:

This article looks at

  1. Manual Sync
  2. Timed sync

Manual Sync

Step 1

Go To Financials > Go to Xero Screen > Synchronise with Xero > Synchronise 

Note: Always run a sync on “All”, unless advised otherwise by a Arthur team member.

Note: Never tick the “synchronise all records” box, unless advised otherwise by a Arthur team member.





How to run a Tenancy specific Sync

Go To Tenancies > Choose your tenancy > Select More > Synchronise this Tenancy with Xero


How to view Sync history


 Go to Financials > Syncronise history. 


Scheduled Sync

Go to Financials > Go to Xero Screen > Schedule Synchronise > Configuration 

We recommend running the sync early morning between 4am – 8am.


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