How to send a document for digital signature


Step 1 – Choose document to send for Digital Signature

Either contine the one step process from mailmerge

or after creation of the merge  go to Tenancies > (Select the Tenancy) > Tenancy Documents > Create Digital Signature

Step 2a – Using manula fields

A) The Group Method is the most common method, this means the document will be sent out in a linear fashion, with each party signing in turn.


B) Where you want the same document to be sent to multiple people, but with each signing their own copy of the document, use the Individually option.

Individual signer

Place your signature fields


Step 2b using the pre defined fields


Step 3 – Choose the order to send your document in

Drag and drop in order to choose who receives the envelope first. If you chose option A at Step 2, the package moves in a linear fashion, going from one person to the next in this order. If you chose option B at Step 2, here you will select those you wish to receive a copy of the document


Step 4 – Add any attachments to the document to be sent

This will display all property, unit and tenancy documents related to that tenancy. Choose any number of attachments to add into the envelope. You do not need to attach the original version of the document being signed.


Step 5 – Add any text to be added to the recipients email

Here you can personalise the email and ensure the signer knows what is expected of them.

Step 6 – Confirm recipient and attachments

Step 7 – receive E-mail to Sign

Once the email has been received from Signable click on the link and you will see the document to sign and all attachments

Step 8 – Receive back signed document with attachments

Go to tenancy documents and you will find the compressed file. If you edit the file and tick share with tenant the tenant will have a copy in their documents file

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