Understanding reminders (scheduled messages)

Only available for Professional and Enterprise packages

What is a reminder?

Reminders are scheduled messages, they can be either one off or repeat on a schedule. For example you may want to send an email every week to the tenants in a building reminding them to take rubbish out for collection.


Where is a reminder sent from?

  • Property
  • Unit
  • Tenancy
  • Tasks
  • Work orders


Who are the recipients of a reminder?

  • Tenants
  • Property managers
  • Property owners

What type of message can be sent?

  • Email
  • SMS
  • In-app notification

Add a reminder

Go to Tenancy > Reminders > Add Reminder

  • Add a title to the reminder (this is your subject line if sending an email)
  • Add description (No need to put names this is merged from the data)
  • Select your frequency
  • Add time you want it sent (GMT only applied)
  • Select who and how you want it to send

How to test this for yourself:

  1. Go to a tenancy
  2. Right hand side click on “Reminders”
  3. Add Reminder
  4. Enter a title (name), and description
  5. Enter the start date for today
  6. Enter the start time to be 5 minutes ago in the UK
  7. Tick a property manager event, e.g. email

Where to bespoke your own automated messages if your not happy with the default ones

Go to Settings > Manage Automated Events > Reminders and look inside our default messages to edit.

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