How to use manual events to send a rent demand x no of days in advance of rent due

To carry out this go to Settings>Automated Events>financials>Manual event


Before setting this up you must ensure the transaction has been created in advance of the due date. To do this set up your recurring charges with days in advance. To do this go to the recurring charge>days in advance. We recommend when creating your tenancies use the days in advance field on page 3 of the add tenancy page

Step 1

Go to Financials>Add Manual Event

Step 2

What you are at this step is creating the “Timed Event“- “Rent Demand 5 Days Before” it is due

Choose “Due Date” i.e the date the transaction is due to be created and type in “+5 days” – This means that in 5 days when the transaction will be created

Step 3

At this point now that the event has been created you are ready to add the “Action” that delivers the communication

Add the action:

At this point decide how you want the message delivered

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Push notification

In the example below I have chosen: Send Notifications

If you want more than one method of delivery create another action.

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