How to send multiple documents for signature in one envelope

Multiple documents can be signed within one envelope via Arthur’s integration with Signable. However, all documents must be signed by the same people, in the same order.

*If you have a document that has not been mail merged with pre-defined signature templates, then this document must be signed first using the drag and drop box method with the order of signatures corresponding to the following documents.

Step 1 – Upload and mail merge all documents required

Go into the Tenancy and create all mail merge documents you need or upload any files not requiring mail merge

Mail merge

Step 2 – Select the first document

The first document you select will be the first document that appears when a person signs.

*When uploading a file not mail merged with pre-defined signature templates, this file must be first.

Digital signature

Step 3 – Define signing order and attach other documents

Next define the order that people will be required to sign in and attach any additional mail merge documents that you want to be signed.

*When uploading a file not mail merged with pre-defined signature templates, the order for the following documents will be taken from this initial order.

Add attachments

Once completed, send the envelope as usual. A signed copy will then return into Arthur once completed

What will it look like?

For signers, they will be required to complete all fields on the first document, Signable will then prompt them to move onto the next document.

Signing documents

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