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Batch print or print individual tenant invoices

Batch Invoices

This article shows how to batch print and email batch tenant invoices.

Step 1 – Find the tenant invoices screen

Go to Financials > Tenant Invoices

Choose your transactions using all filters on the left-hand side and the search bar, then select the transactions you would like to print and send.

Press ‘Print’ when ready.


Step 2 – Select report type and template

There are two templates to choose from:

Rent Demands by Tenancy – creates an invoice for each tenancy

Rent Demands by Tenant – creates an invoice for each individual tenant within a tenancy (useful for tenancy with multiple tenants).


Press ‘Batch Print’ when ready.


Step 3 – Preview the Invoices 

Once printed, you will directed to the below screen:

Click ‘recipients’.

You can preview the PDF file here. Once you’re happy with that, you can now click ‘edit body of email’ .


Step 4 – Writing your email

You can now set up your email to send to the tenant. You can ‘right click’ in order to enter variable fields, such as the tenant first name, and address fields.

Once you are happy with your email, you can click ‘share reports with recipients’, and this will send your email and pdf to the tenants.


Please note the recipient must have an email or it will fail to send.

Individual Invoices

Alternatively, if you only have a small number of invoices to send, you can do this directly on the invoice.

Go into a tenancy > statement.

Find the appropriate transaction and click ‘print’.




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