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How to Set Pro-Rata Rent for a tenancy at the beginning and end of a tenancy

Prorata rent can be auto-calculated at the beginning of a tenancy as well as at the end of a tenancy


Beginning of a tenancy

Pro-Rata will calculate the amount the tenant owes between the tenancy start date and the start collection date of Rent.

Step 1 – Create the new tenancy

Firstly create a tenancy as normal. Go to Tenancies > add tenancy and follow the steps. Ensure to enter the correct start date for the tenancy


Step 2 – Set up the recurring charge

Enter your tenant details and then set up your recurring charge from the date you would like the automatic invoices to appear from. This tenancy starts 15/01/2021, but I would like to charge monthly repeating invoices from 01/02/2021. This will generate an invoice for the full amount on the 1st of every month.

To create a one-off pro-rata transaction, tick the ‘Pro Rata’ checkbox.

This will calculate a pro-rata amount on the next page, calculated with tenancy Start Date entered in step 1, and the To Be Invoiced On (Invoice Date) entered in the recurring charge here.


Step 3: Charges Screen

You will now see the Pro Rata amount on the charges screen, in the last step of the create-tenancy process. This will now appear on the tenant’s rent statement.



At the end of a tenancy

In this example, I have a tenancy that started on 1st June 2021 and pays his rent of £100.00 PCM.

The tenant gives notice today he is leaving on the 10th September so I set his tenancy to ending and enter the end date of the 10th September and tick create pro-rata. Arthur will then create the pro-rata for rent up from the 1st September to the 9th September for £29,58. If the pro-rata is not be calculated untick the box shown in the image below.

The recurring charge due to generate on the 1st September will now go inactive so as not to generate the September rent


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