How to Set the Default Rent Collection Type

Does business type affect how rent charges are entered ?

Identifying your management type in Arthur’s ‘Financials’ is a fundamental step to ensure that your set up reflects your business.  This is especially important if you intend to integrate with cloud accounting software later on.

Two types are available;

  • Direct rent – used by those that self manage i.e collecting the rent for themselves.
  • Rent charge – used by those who manage on behalf of 3rd parties e.g agencies who deduct fees from the rent before passing it on

Some Arthur clients are a mixture of both so we suggest setting your default position to the most common management type.


Step 1

Go to Financials > Financial Settings


Step 2

Choose Direct Rent if your self managing or Rent Charge if you manage on behalf of a landlord.

Disable rent payment is ticked if you are using cloud accounting to receipt your charges. In other words it stops a user paying off in Arthur.


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