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How to set up the FixFlo integration

What is Fixflo

Fixflo is the UK’s market-leading lettings, block and commercial repairs and maintenance management software, making end-to-end repair management simple.

Getting Started

1. How do I subscribe?

Go to the Arthur Store > Workflow Integrations > Fixflo > you will be given two options on subscribing:

  • New Customer: Select Subscribe to this service
  • Already a Fixflo User: Select I’m already a Fixflo customer

2. Tenant/Occupant App

Once subscribed, the Occupant app will update with a new button called ‘Raise Maintenance Issue’ (this is only available under the Fixflo integration)
‘Raise Other Issue’ is a Arthur only issue type

3. Fixflo Tasks on the Manager Account

Once the tenant has raised a Fixflo task, it will come back into your manager account as a ‘Fixflo task’.
You can filter to only Fixflo tasks by using the filters on the left side>task type>’Maintenance (Fixflo)’.
All work will be done through Arthur only.

When you click into the task, the description of the Fixflo issue will pass through into the description.
A pdf report will be generated by Fixflo and uploaded to the documents section of the task.

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