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How to set up the Movinghub in Arthur Online?

1. Login to Hub and open your Movinghub workspace and select settings


2.  Navigate to the Integrations Menu and select Native Apps


3. Within the Native Apps menu, select Arthur Online


4. Click on Integrate


5. Login to Arthur Online System


6. Once logged in, navigate to Account and select OAuth Application


7. Click on Add Application


8. Enter the details – Name, Description, Website and Callback URL then click Save

Add your desired Name & Description.


Callback URL:


9. Go back to Movinghub Arthur Integration page.

Enter Client ID & Secret ID from the OAuth Application created on Arthur.

Enter the Callback URL as mentioned below and click ‘Integrate’.

Callback URL:


10. Click on Yes Agree


11. Once integrated, you will be redirected to the OAuth Application login page. Enter your Arthur Online login details and click Sign In


12. Once logged in, click Allow.


13. To edit the configuration details or disable the integration, navigate to Settings and click Edit or Disable














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