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How to set-up your live bank feed using Arthur

Note – Arthur Online currently supports the following banks:

If you would like to have support for another UK-based bank, please email and we will see what we can do. We are consistently looking to expand our offering and will respond to demand from clients so please let us know. If you do not bank with one of our supported ones, you must use a CSV import to receive your Bank Statements. To learn how to do this follow this link:

  1. Set-up Bank Balance correctly

Before you can set-up your live feed, you will have to set-up your Bank Balance first. To find out how, follow this link:

This is crucial for two reasons:

  • The Conversion Date set-up in this process is the date from which your bank statements will generate
  • The Bank Balance is calculated based of the Starting Balance in the set-up screen, alongside the sum of your bank statements, therefore you need the correct information
  1. Select ‘Set up Bank Feed’

Locate your chosen bank, and click ‘Set up Bank Feed’

  1. Locate and select your bank

4. Confirm the security stage

Following this, you will be met with a security stage. Please read the information and select ‘Confirm’ to proceed if you are happy with the information.

  1. Login to your Online Banking

From here, you will be re-directed to your Online Banking. Login as usual and ensure to only select one account per bank on Arthur. For example, if you have multiple client accounts, you can only link one Client Account to an Arthur bank. If you have several client accounts, set-up a new Client Account in Arthur, and connect each of these at a time.

Following logging in, you will be redirected to Arthur and you will have to confirm your bank account.

Following this, your bank statements will flow through into your Arthur account. Please bare in mind, that the first sync to your bank account can take a few minutes, so please be patient whilst the statements generate.


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