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How to set up your RMv3 Feed

About RMv3

Custom RMv3 Portal allows PMs to create their own portal integration and sync unit data feed to third party portals and websites that support RMv3 standard (outside of Zoopla, Rightmove, and StuRents). It offers synchronisation of units from Arthur to specific FTP server (third party portals/websites) by creating and sending a BLM file.

Key Features

  • Automated data feed: Enables easy transferring of data between Arthur and third party platform that uses RMv3 specification.

  • Bulk uploading: Listing data and syncing daily to third party platform to keep marketing information updated.

  • Testing connection: Allow property managers to check integration with third party platform works and review bulk uploads for any missing unit information before the data is live on third party platform.

  • Integrating your Website: Can be used to feed listings from Arthur to your own agency website with dedicated third-party WordPress BLM parser plugins, which are widely used by developers to integrate WordPress-based websites with BLM feeds.


  • Each RMv3 Portal will be charged at £5 + VAT per month

How it works

Before subscribing, it is recommended that you go to the third party platform first and get the required details stated below:

  • Portal name
  • Agent Ref
  • FTP Host Address
  • Protocol
  • Port
  • FTP username
  • FTP Password
  • Directory path (Optional)

Go to the Arthur Store>Marketing Channels>Custom RMv3>Subscribe

Go to Properties>Portals>Select Custom RMv3>Fill in the Portal Information

You can test the connection to check the data filled is correct before adding the new custom portal.

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