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How to split property owner remittances

On Arthur you are able to split remittances between multiple owners.

Step 1: Locate the property owner

Go to Contacts > Property Owners> Click the “Eye Icon” on the appropriate property Owner

Step 2: Add multiple contacts

Select Company contacts > Add Person (you must add an email with a valid format – “xx”@”xx”.com)

Step 3: Add  split payment to the contact

Select Split Payments/Tax > Add Remittance Charge (add a remittance charge for every owner)

Note – although you select a percentage split for each contact, you can always edit the remittance amount for each property owner in step 4.


Step 4: Create the remittances

Go to Property Owner Remittances > Select transactions and Remit > Remit Transactions

You can then edit the split of remittances – to confirm select “Remit to Property Owner”  


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