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How to sync from Arthur to portals

What’s required from the portal

  • Facebook marketplace does not require a client account
  • Rightmove requires a client account
  • Zoopla requires a client account
  • StuRents requires a client account


Sync to the portals

Once the unit information is completed, you will be able to add it to the portal. Go to the portal within the unit and:

  1. Make public
  2. Sync (syncs hourly so don’t expect an update immediately)

The ‘View in Portal’  feature in Arthur is currently not available from Facebook as their URLs are dynamic and they are aware of this.



To sync more than one unit, simply select all the relevant units and bulk update from one screen.




The ‘Listed By’ will show your company name.

‘Listing provided by’ will show Arthur Online Ltd.









5. How to remove the advert from the portal

switch from public to private and re-sync

6. How to unsubscribe

Go to the store>portal>click on unsbscribe

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