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How to tidy your basic data logically

This article addresses data that has been added incorrectly or is outdated and now needs to be tidied up. The workflow for this will follow the hierarchy that defines Arthur:

There are many shortcuts in Arthur, but to clean up your data when your not familiar with the navigation should be completed in the order shown below. *Once completed contact a member of our team and we can then look at other areas of concern.*

Examine your dashboard KPI’s

The information you see on your main dashboard will give you an idea of areas that may need updating. Look for large numbers and click on that to see what needs doing behind them


Go to Property Index Page > Menu > Edit Property

Areas that often require attention:

  • Property type
  • Whether or not you manage the property (not the unit). You should only tick this if you are managing a multi-unit property where you are responsible for common areas

If you have updated the address or property owner, ensure you have ticked the appropriate boxes to update information at the unit level before saving.


Go to the Property > Units Index Page > Menu > Edit Unit

Areas that often require attention:

  • Unit reference
  • Unit type
  • Market rent


Go to Property > Tenancy Index Page > Menu > Edit Unit

This will include:

  • Edit tenancy
  • Register deposit
  • Update the tenancy status

a) Edit the Tenancy

Look to update:

  • Start, end and break clause dates
  • Rent amount and frequency
  • Tenancy Type

b) Register the Deposit Information

Arthur will only remove the deposit as ‘Unregistered’ if you have ticked ‘Deposit has been Registered’ or ‘Registration not required’

c) Update the status

If your tenancy has the incorrect status correct that here:

If you are unsure of what the tenancy status should be, check out this article:

Tenancy Financials

This will include:

  • Recurring charges
  • Adding missed recurring
  • Voiding transactions or adding transactions to the statement

Recurring Charges

Go to Tenancies Index Page > Tenancy > Recurring

Look to include:

  • Days in advance – this will mean the transaction appears on the statement before it is due and allows for rent reminders to be sent
  • Edit the recurring

Edit recurring look to include

  • Rent collection type should be the correct analysis code: Direct Rent or Rent Charge
  • Start date and next collection date
  • Frequency of collection
  • Amount to be collected

a) Add Missing Recurring

Go to Tenancies Index Page > Tenancies > Recurring Charge

b) Add or void an incorrect transactions

If you have already remitted transactions, please contact our support team before voiding them


Examine your financial KPIs

If there are lots of transactions that have built up which you need removing, contact us and we can remove them.


Archive any incorrect properties, units, and tenancies

Before archiving, confirm any related statements and void outstanding charges


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