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How to undo a tenancy remittance after doing closing statement

When a tenancy has ended, you will often have to remit a sum of money back to the tenant. Occasionally, mistakes can be made, and you may have to undo the remittance. This is a guide on how

For Arthur and Arthur/Xero users

Step 1:

Locate the remittance that you intend to do. Click the dropdown on the far right and select Undo Remittance. The remittance contains all transactions linked or not that gets paid to the tenant

Only the transaction type called “tenant remittance “can be undone. Any other remitted transaction type cannot be voided or undone as they form part of the linked transactions within a remittance.



Step 2:

Select Confirm to undo the remittance. Now the remittance has been removed and you owe the same amount to the tenant as prior to conducting the initial remittance

For Xero Users

Step 1:

First, you must undo the remittance as shown in Arthur (as shown above). However, this does not also undo the remittance in Xero.

Step 2:

To undo the remittance in Xero, you must find the transaction. From here you select ‘Options’ followed by ‘Remove and Redo’

Step 3:

As shown below, you can now see the Credit Note, but with no associated refund. You then need to run a sync.


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