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How to use automation to create a workorder based on a certificate expiring

Often clients may want Arthur to generate an automated work order on their behalf based on a certificate expiring. In this example below, we will look at a certificate expiring in 30 days and the creation of the work order. To do this, we advise using custom triggers.

This ensures clients remain compliant and save time


Step 1

Go to automation


Step 2

Create custom trigger


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

Add action in this case a workorder


Start date is how long from the creation of the work order do you want them to start

Due date is how many days from the start date do you want it done. In this example, i have chosen a random 15 days meaning I want it done two weeks before the end date of the current certificate expiring



Once created a workorder will be sent out at 30 days for gas safety expiring in 30 days.







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