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How to use the companion app to carry out inspections

A companion app is an excellent tool for inspections where subtasks are required to check various parts of the property, images can be uploaded and workorders created, and all on the app and on the go.

We recommend that for tenancy check-in and check-outs specialized inventory software is used


Set up Arthur

Step 1

In Arthur`s main system create a task type called Inspection, To see how to add task types see understanding task types


Step 2

Create subtasks to accompany this task which lists what needs to be reviewed. To see how to add subtask types see understanding subtasks


Step 3

Create the task. The task can be created individually or as a recurring task. To see how to add a task click on understanding tasks


Go to the companion app

Go to tasks pending and click on the task

Scroll along with the horizontal menu and list the sub-tasks



mark a subtask as completed by tapping on the subtask to bring up the menu


Add images of the inspection



To view, the image/s go to the summary. Click on view to enlarge



If during an inspection a workorder is required, create a workorder

When doing this there is an option to share images taken in the task with the workorder

To view, created work orders go to workorder on the horizontal menu



Click on the card and it will reveal the workorder record


All this information will also be viewed within the main system. Within the task, clients will see subtask progress, images, and created work orders









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