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How to use the re-relate relationship of a task in HMO management

This is a very useful function when

  • Incorrectly creating a manual task that needs its relationship re-defined
  • A tenant in an HMO raises an issue that should be property related and needs its relationship re-defined and shared with all occupants

In the scenario below we will look at an example of an HMO where a tenant has raised an issue about a problem in the shared kitchen. Currently the raised issue is only seen by the person who created it. What we want to do is have that issue seen by all tenants in the building. To do this we must re-relate the tasks to the property


Go to Tasks>Locate the Issue Raised by Tenant/Tenants 

Open/View a Task by clicking on the reference number (e.g. TA1031). Next, select More>Edit Relationship

Choose the Property in the Search Box:

The relationship has now changed from tenancy to property

Ensure in edit that share with tenants is ticked if you want all tenants in the HMO to have sight of the issue, go to Details>Share with Tenants:

Once the task is Re-related to property then:

  • Post message will show all all active occupants
  • Upload documents can be shared with all occupants in the building

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