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I have Set Up a Property Under the Wrong Owner and Synced with Xero

A common mistake on Arthur is that the wrong property owner is assigned to the wrong property in Arthur. If you are an Arthur only user, rectifying this is particularly straight forward. As a Xero user, the transactions will remain associated to the first property owner, rather than the new true property ownerr. This FAQ will show you how to rectify this.

The images below present the scenario we are referring to. Here we have noticed that the wrong property owner has been assigned to the property.

tenancy info

Step 1: Assign the property to the correct Property Owner

Locate the the property, select ‘Edit Property’ and then input the correct owner.

edit property

Step 2: Find and Recode

The next step is to go into Xero and to recode any transactions that have been posted to the Old Owner onto the New Owner. If no transactions have been generated ignore this step.

Go to Accounting > Find and Recode

This now puts Arthur and Xero in order.

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