Importing client data

Arthur charges from £250.00 +vat. The price is dependant on volume of data (see below) and the quality of data.

This article is linked to import data *Please note that if clients carry this out themeselves there is very limited help available as a result of the complexity of the procedure. The process requires us to understand the portfolio being uploaded.

The Process and what to expect

The process is a complex one and will be led by a member of our implementation team. The data import service involves us gathering all your data into a series of excel files that Arthur accepts. The raw data will be either derived from an export of a current system or from clients own excel sheets.  In converting these files into a format Arthur accepts, clients will be required to check, approve and add any further data required.

Important to note:

Please see below. It is important that clients expectation are met.

  1. The Import does not include documents, certificates, notes, images etc. These will need to added manually. Arthur`s implementation team offer admin support at £25.00 + vat per hour.
  2. If the process involves getting data off another system then we may charge £25.00 + vat per hour to get the data out.  Arthur is not responsible for the quality of data extracted.
  3. Clients will need to approve the data presented before it is imported. Any editing of live data can be supported by our team at a cost of £25.00 + vat per hour.
  4. Timeline for the import will depend on the quality of data and clients being able to respond to questions from the team.
  5. Clients must check all imported data and report back any issues within a reasonable timeframe. If the problem is as a result of poor data or the client having signed off the data prior to import then we reserve the right to charge on a time basis to correct.
  6. Payement will be required in advance of works
  7. Once the import is completed the client subscription must begin to keep the account open.

What data do we import

  1. Core data (Non financial)
  • Property: Full address, number of units
  • Unit: Full address, unit type, status, Agent, Owner
  • Tenancy: type, contract, term, rent amount, deposit information
  • Tenants: Names, contact numbers, alternate address, email address
  • Contacts: company, contact numbers, address, email address


  • <50 units £125.00 + VAT
  • 50-100 units £250+VAT
  • 101- 300 units £350+VAT
  • 301-750 units £475+VAT
  • 751-1000 units £700+VAT
  • 1001-1500 units £875+VAT
  • Request a quote for over 1,500 units

2. Financial data

Following from your core data import, we offer the ability for you to enter your financial data too.

  • Adding recurring rent charges from a chosen date or from the tenancy start date, with the correct analysis code based on business style
  • Bespoke collection frequencies and analysis codes
  • Recurring management fees (if relevant)
  • Deposits
  • Opening balance charges added when necessary – including any rents paid in advance or arrears for tenancies from the sync start date


  • <50 units £125.00 + VAT
  • 50-100 units £250+VAT
  • 101- 300 units £350+VAT
  • 301-750 units £475+VAT
  • 751-1000 units £700+VAT
  • 1001-1500 units £875+VAT
  • Request a quote for over 1,500 units


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