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How to Import your data


Arthur provides a Paid import service for clients  

If you decide to do this yourselves and encounter problems it`s impossible for us to identify the problem due to the complexity of an import.  Each spreadsheet is linked and must be done in the correct order listed below. Because of the linked sheets, a single cell could create a problem.


The order of imports are:

  1. Area  – Optional
  2. Unit type  – Optional
  3. Entity  – Required for owners- Import 1
  4. Property  – Required – Import 2
  5. Unit  – Required- Import 3
  6. Tenancy  – Required- Import 4
  7. Tenant  includes tenancy recurring charges – Required – Import 5
  8. Financials- Optional
    • Recurring charges – e.g management fees – Import 6
    • Transaction template – opening balances and registered deposits – Import 7
  9. Certificates – Optional



Go to settings>import data

  1. Download the templates in the order above
  2. View the import guide links to view formatting
  3. Upload in the order above



Rolling back data

To roll back an import that needs redoing go to import file>roll back


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