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How to invite and disable team members and also link them to multiple Arthur accounts


This article covers

  1. Inviting team members to a single Arthur account
  2. Inviting team members to multiple Arthur accounts Tis is linked to an article How to set up multiple Arthur accounts
  3. Disable access

Inviting team members to a single Arthur account

Inviting members of your Management Team to Arthur is carried out via Contacts>People>Add a New Person








Inviting team members to multiple arthur accounts

Go into each Arthur account and invite that person with the same email. Arthur links accoun via the email.

The same will apply as above but a screen will present itself dentifying that there is already an account with that email. Simply add the same password



Once completed all accounts will link and present themselves as follows to the invited user


Disable access

Team members can be disabled from access within contacts>your team>disable access. If you later want access again you can enable access from the same dropdown menu.

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