How to invite tenants

This article is linked how does a tenant accept the invite and personalise your account **where you will find how to edit your tenant invitation email

Invite your tenant

There are numerous opportunities to invite a tenant:

  1. Individually at the point of creating the tenancy ** Note a tenant as part of a prospective tenancy cannot be invited 
  2. Tenancy status change 
  3. Individually within the tenancy
  4. Bulk invites if you’re new to Arthur and have put on lots of tenancies

Individually at the point of entering the Tenant

Go to Tenancies>Add Tenancies


Tenancy Status Change

Go to Tenancies>Click on the tenant you would like to update>Click on update tenancy status ** Note a Tenant as part of a prospective tenancy cannot be invited 



Individually Within The Tenancy

Go to Tenancies>Open/View a Tenant>Tenants>Drop Down> Invite or Resend invite



Batch Invites for Multiple Invites

Go to Tenancies>Batch Invite Tenants :

** If your tenants do not have emails then they will not appear in the list. Also Arthur will batch up 80 at a time. So if you have more than 80 go back and send the next lot of tenancies.


What if my tenant did not receive the invitation?

Check the following

  1. System events is enabled. Go to settings>automated events>enabled
  2. Check the invitation email is not disabled in settings>automated events>invites>tenants
  3. Check tenant email is there and correct
  4. Check end date of tenancy is has not passed.

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