Navigating Arthur effectively

Arthur is working continuously to improve navigation allowing users to do what they need to do at that moment they need to do it as opposed to moving to another part of the site to do it.

Primary Menu

This menu displays ,any options for theuser to action things. The menu is split into 3 areas

  1. + Service – Include all integrated products in areas where applicable
  2. + Add
  3. + Main Actions

Where are these  primary menu`s

  1. On any index page>dropdown


2. Within any record card under “More”

property management


3. Some records such as a task have two menus

  • Primary menu– This is related to the actual  record in this case the task

  • Secondary menu – This is related the actual relationship. For example a tenancy related task will contain the tenancy menu. The idea here is that when working withon a task you should be able to carry out all the elements of that task including adding directly to the tenancy without leaving the task enviroment.
































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