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Navigating Arthur effectively

Arthur’s navigation is designed to allow you to complete as many actions as possible from each screen.

This article will focus on:

  • Index pages – Listing page
  • Record card
  • Primary menus
  • Secondary menus

As you move through different areas of Arthur, you will notice different options available in different areas of the system. A key tip is – wherever you see a drop down arrow, or a more button, you can do extra things!

Index pages

Index pages are the first pages you see when you select an option from the main menu on the left hand side. To complete actions for records, on any index page, you can use the drop down against a record to complete actions for said record

Record cards

Record cards are available when you click into a record from the Index Screen.

property management

Primary menu

This is the main menu available within records such as tasks

Secondary menu

This is related the relationship of this card. For example a tenancy related task will contain the tenancy menu. Therefore, when you are working within a task you carry out any elements of that task including adding directly to the tenancy without leaving the screen.

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