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Adding a utility and notify the utility Company of a new tenancy and the latest meter reading


Step 1 – Add utility suppliers

Go to contacts>utilities and add new utilities


Step 2 – Adding utility information to the property or unit

Go to Property/Unit level>utilities>add


Step 3 – Notify Utility company of a New Tenancy

Go to Settings>Automated Events>Tenancies>Tenancy status set to approved/current/past

Notifying Utilities can happen when a tenancy status is:

  • Set to approved
  • Set to current
  • Set to past


This can be run when a status is changed. Within a Tenancy select More>Update Tenancy Status:


Step 4 Add reading and notify utility company

This is not done at the same time as notifying the company of a new tenancy. It can only be done when taking a reading.

Go to the utility>add reading


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