Understanding Property Owners Dashboard/Account

 Frequently asked question:

Question: Does the property owner have contact details for tenants and contractors?

Answer: No all correspondence must be via the property manager

Question: Does the property owner see a tenants raised issue

Answer: No. The owner can only when a workorder has been generated

Question: Can the owner view their rental statement per unit or across the portfolio

Answer: Both can viewed from the statement area

Question: Can the owner app be customised by the property manager

Answer: No as the owner  may have other properties managers who use Arthur. This one account will have all properties mananged by different property management companies

Owners View

  1. Dashboard giving an overview of data
  2. Unit availability status and unit data
  3. Tenancy status and tenancy data
  4. Ability to approve a quote. This is linked to owner approving a quote
  5. Listing workorders, and their status
  6. All documents shared by the property manager
  7. View owner statement by unit or portfolio
  8. Allows for owners to create a unit and tenancy report
  9. Property managers contact details
  10. Details of the owners company
  11. The ability to edit information

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