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How to Pay off Charges in Arthur (Non-Xero)

*Xero users should not pay off charges within Arthur, this must be completed in Xero*

Pay off the charge directly

Go to Tenancy > Statement > Pay off charge function


Pay off the charge indirectly

If a receipt has been entered then allocate that receipt to the charge

Pay off Rent in Batch

Go to Financials > Unpaid Tenant Invoices


Tick the Box then select Pay Off


Once you select Pay Off you will have two options:

One-off payment – this refers to one receipt paying off multiple invoices.

This is useful for reconciling move-in statements such as a tenant paying for a deposit and rent in one payment. This is also useful for payments received from councils who are paying on behalf of multiple tenants.

Individual payment – One receipt paying off one invoice.


Please note the Old Rent Demands screen is still available to access here:

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