Understanding the unit pricing model

Arthur’s pricing is based on the number of units in your account. The unit is defined as the thing that is being rented. E.g.:

  • A property that has a single tenancy agreement is a single unit (single let house, bungalow, one flat in a block etc.)
  • A property that has multiple tenancy agreements in is a property with multiple units (HMO where each room is let individually, block of flats, etc.).

Frequently asked questions

Question: Do I pay even if i no longer manage the unit?

Answer: You will continue to pay unless you archive the unit.

Question: Do I pay extra for additional users?

Answer: No. You can invite as many Property Managers, Property Owners, Contractors, Letting Agents and Tenants as necessary.

Question: Does Arthur’s pricing change with unit volume?

Answer: Yes. Above 300 units, Arthur’s pricing will scale in line with volume for Professional and Enterprise packages.

Question: Can I cancel at anytime?

Answer: Yes. Your Arthur subscription is a monthly rolling contract.

Use our “Unit Pricing Tool” to see how much Arthur would cost your business.

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