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QuickBooks Online Plus Integration Checklist

This is a checklist of things that you must check before syncing/integrating with QuickBooks Online Plus. Doing so will ensure an integration with minimal hitches.

Before you integrate with QuickBooks you must:

  1. You MUST be using a QuickBooks Online Plus account and a version within the European region
  2. Ensure you have correctly completed the ‘Tax setup’ and ‘Class & Location setup’ on your QuickBooks account before the synchronization
  3. Make sure that the Forename and Surname fields for your contacts in QuickBooks are populated (if you are posting from QuickBooks to Arthur)
  4. For each of the tenancies check that the email addresses in Arthur for tenants are formatted correctly and that you only have one email address per occupant/tenant.
  5. Ensure that you have the correct “default bank account” set up in Arthur
  6. Check the default bank accounts and rent accounts are correct for each of the tenancies
  7. Ensure that all units and properties have owners assigned to them
  8. Ensure your recurring charges are setup properly using the correct analysis code “Rent Charge” or “Direct Rent” which is dependent on your business type
  9. Confirm that all of your registered deposit charges and registered deposit receipts are correct
  10. Check that all your bank accounts in Arthur have the bank account name, sort code and account number fields completed
  11. Look at the tenant balances, property balances and tenant deposit balance report and satisfy yourself that they are correct

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