What to do if you reach a Limit on Xero

Xero limits the number of calls to the server within a 24 hour period, with the aim of not overloading their servers. If you see this notification, you have unfortunately reached your limit and there is nothing that can be done. Also, another reason for reaching your Xero limit is you can only synchronise 5,000 transaction per day.

In order for this to be resolved, you must wait 24 hours before you conduct another synchronisation. To prevent this happening, or mitigate the chances, its beneficial to conduct a synchronisation as often as possible. If you, however, know that you have not reached your limit, we suggest disconnecting and reconnecting your Arthur and Xero, follow this link to see how. This should solve the issue if you have not reached you limit.

This is not an issue within Arthur, but is an issue with Xero’s API.

*When conducting a synchronisation, if you tick the box (shown below), it re-synchronises all your previous data, so this may be the reason you have reached the API limt.*

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