How to Remit to the Property Owner

Remitting to a Property Owner has 2 effects:
  1. Links all the transactions on a property owner statement
  2. Creates a transaction to be remitted

First Create a Remittance to the Property Owner

Go to Tenancies Open/View a Tenant Statement Remit to Property Owner

Step 1

By clicking on Financials in your Arthur account and selecting Property Owner Remittance as show below, this will take you to a screen that will allow you to select Remittances.

Step 2 

After selecting Property Owner Remittance, you can then select the transactions you wish to remit as instructed in the diagram below.


There are different ways you can remit to the property owner. These remittance types include;

  1. Tenancy: Will group your remittance based on each tenancy.
  2. Unit: Will group your remittance based on all of the tenancies within that unit.
  3. Property: Will group your remittance based on all of the units within the property.
  4. Property Owner: Will group you remittance by grouping all of the properties owned by each property owner into one single remittance.


Before you remit, you can select the transactions you wish to remit by selecting and de-selecting the transactions using the tick boxes.

Doing so will alter the monies shown in the blue tab at the bottom of this image:

Clicking Remit to Property Owner will lead to the following screen highlighting a successful remittance;

You have now remitted to your Property Owners. If you wish to inform your property owner of your remittance, why not check our our article on Setting up a Remittance Email. 

If you have forgotten to print out your property owner statement, check out our article on Re-printing Your Property Owner Remittance.

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