How to send Messages and to whom

Messages can be sent to the following

  1. Property managers
  2. Applicants
  3. Owners
  4. Tenants
  5. Guarantors
  6. Contractors
  7. Agents

Messages can be sent from

  1. Property
  2. Unit
  3. Tenancy
  4. Task
  5. Workorder
  6. Top level

Property Level

For Multi unit properties e.g HMO, Blocks of flats

From here you can send to all tenants or individual tenants in the building

Unit Level 

From here you can send to Current occupants

Tenancy  Level 

From here you can send to Current occupants on the tenancy


Depending on the relationship of the task you will have access as follows

Property> All tenants

Unit> current occupants + neighbouring tenants

Tenancy>current occupants + neighbouring tenants


Top Level

Click on Messages icon:

From Group message messages can be sent to

  • All active tenants in a property
  • Specific unit tenants
  • All owners
  • All Contractors

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