How to Apply SMS to Automated Events

 Sending SMS’s via

  • Automated actions in the events area
  • Individual and group messaging – Coming Soon!!

SMS pricing is as follows – *There is no time limit on usage

  • 20 texts = £1.50     (7.5p per SMS)
  • 50 texts = £3.00     (6p per SMS)
  • 250 texts= £12.50 (5p per SMS)
  • 500 texts =£20.00 (4p per SMS)
  • 1,000 texts=£32.50 (3.5p per SMS)

Before a text will be generated you will need to buy a bundle of texts. To do this go purchase addons **Please note texts are one way. Recipients cannot reply. 

How to add an SMS option to automated actions

Step 1

 In this example we will use text to confirm a viewing to a viewer. Go into Settings>Automated Events>Added viewing by property manager>add action

 Step 2

Add the action

1/ Add title
2/ Add to activity log if you want to keep a record
2/ Select the “Apply a Process” and select method as Send SMS
3/ Choose recipient
4/ Create message using variables (right click to view variables)
5/ Save

Now your ready to add a viewing and send the sms. Add your viewing via web or app

Go to Viewings>Add Viewing>Add Applicant>Submit

“Before this, make sure the mobile number of the viewer is correct”

Where to View if SMS Been Sent

  • In the Activity Log/Summary
  • Message History

Activity Log/Summary

Message History

Go to Settings>Message History>SMS

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