Set up when your business has multiple SPV`s

There are two options to setting up Arthur when the clients structure involves a number of SPV’s (or similar)

*For professional and Enterprise this set up does not incur any more costs on Arthur as that of a single account

1. Multiple Arthur Accounts

This article is linked to setting up muliple Arthur accounts

  • Each SPV will be set up with a separate Arthur which will require a separate Xero/QuickBooks account to link to each Arthur.
  • Arthur allows users to switch between different Arthur accounts using our global switch.
  • This works well if there are only a few SPV’s as users can switch between accounts quickly and easily
  • There is no amalgamated management dashboard for all SPVs.
  • This doesn’t make Arthur more expensive (for Professional and Enterprise users) as we link the accounts, with the largest account being charged the minimum spend and the rest being charged per unit – this is not available on Standard accounts.


2. Creating a ‘quasi-agency’ to manage all properties

  • The quasi-agency’ is essentially a non-existent property management company for this purpose only, where one Arthur account is linked to one brand new Xero organisation for the ‘quasi-agency’ (Agency Xero/QuickBooks)
  • The other entities in the portfolio (let’s call them SPVs) remain as separate Xero/QuickBooks organisations not linked to Arthur
  • The SPVs are each set up as a landlord in Arthur, each with their respective properties, units and tenants
  • The rent invoices are generated according to the ASTs and pushed to the Agency Xero/Quickbboks and tracked
  • The bank accounts of each entity are added to the Agency Xero/QuickBooks organisation, the full bank reconciliation is carried out all within this Xero/QuickBooks – Alternatively a designated client account can be used for this ‘quasi-agency’
  • Reporting across the entire portfolio/group of companies can now be done from Arthur or Xero/QuickBooks
  • Arthur will produce reports that itemise the rent received and expenses incurred for each property as a reconciliation check or management check
  • Bank reconciliation in the separate SPV Xero/QuickBooks accounts is now not required as the reconciled figures from the Agency Xero/QuickBooks can be journaled to each SPV Xero/QuickBooks account
  • Arthur acts as a central management platform for all SPVs

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