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How to Enter a New Tenancy with an Opening Balance

If your putting on an existing tenancy on to Arthur you need to decide whether you want to open with;

  • An opening balance
  • historic charges and payments showing

Show an Opening balance

To enter any opening balance whether positive or negative you will do so via “Add transaction”  go to the Tenancy>Statement>Add Transaction. 

The opening balance will either be

  • In arrears
  • In credit
  • Zero

In arrears

When entering the charge choose “Direct rent” if you are a self managing landlord (i.e you are not passing rent over to a third party) or “Rent Charge” if you are going to be remitting the rent to an owner.

If this transaction is in arrears then do not pay off charge

In credit

Enter a negative (Direct rent/Rent charge) for a tenancy in credit.

You can then allocate charges to the credit note that you have added. See how to do so, take a look at the following article on allocating to a charge. 

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