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Summary of the manager companion app

The property manager companion app has been designed to aid managers to access key information and action things quickly and efficiently when out of the office. Over the coming weeks, we will be adding to its features ensuring the app remains a true companion on the go.

Download app

Go to the store and look for Arthur Manager

Key Navigation Points

To get started please review these key navigation points.

Home page

When first opening the app clients will be presented with a home page that displays key linkable KPI`s




Searching from the home page

The search feature is available all across the app but searching from the home page is the place most users will likely search from.

To navigate straight to the required information and find things quickly, the search has a filter allowing you to get to the result quickly and reduce the number of search results being returned.

Open the search on the home page





Apply the filter to filter on a search and tap on the result to enter the record.



General Navigation

Revealing the sidebar will navigate the user to each main area.




All corresponding index pages will allow an Add option, except properties and units, which are only available from the main system. Click on a tab to enter for example tenancies to view the secondary dashboard or add a record.


Listing page and filtering

Once inside a corresponding listing page, each record card will display basic information as shown by this current tenancy listing page. Use search or filter to fine-tune the list.



Within a record card

Once within a record card, you will be presented with a:

  1. Horizontal scrolling menu
  2. Edit record button
  3. Add to the record button
  4. Links to the relationship


Links to the relationship


Clients with multiple Arthur accounts

Switching accounts can be done by tapping the Company Name.



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