How to transfer a tenancy to another unit or property

Please note:

* Only to be used for tenancies that are prospective or approved and where no transactions have been added. If transactions and recurring have been added, void them first and re add once the transfer has occurred. This will avoid database issues going forward.

**Avoid this function if you are connected to Xero and Quickbooks. If you are using these set the existing tenancy to past and create a new one in the new address.

***If you are transferring a long term tenancy you should set the current/periodic tenancy to past and create a new tenancy in the new unit. This ensures that the history of that tenancy remains with the correct unit. When creating the new tenancy, remember that on page 3 of the add tenancy you can easily add the existing applicant again.  Please invite tenant to the new new tenancy. If  any documents need to move to the new tenancy simply attach them to the new tenancy. To know how to do this see understanding how to handle documentation and look for “Attach to”


Transferring a Tenancy

Go to Tenancy>More>Transfer Tenancy




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