Troubleshoot digital signature issues

Things that may cause an issue

1. Their email provider has sent the email to a ‘Junk’‘Spam’ or ‘Clutter’ folder

Asking your recipient to check these folders is often the best place to start – if it has landed here, they can ‘whitelist’ Signable to ensure future emails are sent straight to the inbox.

2. Your recipient is looking for an email delivered by you, rather than ‘’

Often your clients will be expecting an email from your address, please remind them that the email will come from

3. They’re not the next recipient in the signing order

When sending to multiple parties, your envelope will be sent according to the order you’ve entered the party email addresses. Once sent, you can’t adjust the signing order itself, so the party signing before your recipient will need to sign before they will receive the envelope email.

4. The wrong email address was entered when the envelope was sent

If an email has bounced, the sender of the envelope will need to correct the email and resend the document

5. Your recipient has previously unsubscribed from Signable emails

To reverse this (with permission from the recipient), please contact Signable on. 0800 612 6263 / 0117 214 0 412

6. Missing tenant name

This is usually as a result in an edit of a name in the tenant record or a deletion of a Person record from Contacts.  To fix this delete the record from tenancy>tenant and re add the tenant. See 2nd image below

sort order

To correct this delete the tenant and re-add


7. Documents that return blank signature boxes

Special fill-able form fields embedded inside a document are not supported by this process. They will be returned blank



8. PDF`s that cause an error at the end

When trying to send a PDF or attach PDF that are password protected or downloaded from certain websites an internal error may occur. Signable cannot handle these documents type. This is very common with EPC`s downloaded from the government website.

If an internal error shows you will need to resave the PDF using software such as free version of and re upload

Open the document using Foxit Reader program
1. Go to “File” -> “Save as” and save as a new PDF file
2. Upload that new file to Arthur and create a Digital Signature again




9.When using pre-defined signature fields the second signature wont allow for the signer to sign

This may happen as a result of spacing between the last piece of text and the variable string. Put an additional space in.


10. I`ve received a document to sign and i am being asked to sign as tenant

This happens when you have inadvertently put your name in the wrong box


11. An email sent by Signable has failed

Sometimes you may receive an email notifying you that the document you sent out has bounced back.

There could be different reasons for this email failure. One of the reasons could be that the user’s mailbox is full. If the bounce reason states something like ‘User does not exist’ please check that you have entered the user’s email in correctly. If you are sure you have, please double check with the user that it is the correct email address.

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