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Troubleshoot digital signature issues


1. Their email provider has sent the email to a ‘Junk’‘Spam’ or ‘Clutter’ folder

Asking your recipient to check these folders is often the best place to start – if it has landed here, they can ‘whitelist’ Signable to ensure future emails are sent straight to the inbox.

2. Your recipient is looking for an email delivered by you, rather than ‘’

Often your clients will be expecting an email from your address, please remind them that the email will come from

3. They’re not the next recipient in the signing order

When sending to multiple parties, your envelope will be sent according to the order you’ve entered the party email addresses. Once sent, you can’t adjust the signing order itself, so the party signing before your recipient will need to sign before they will receive the envelope email.

4. The wrong email address was entered when the envelope was sent

If an email has bounced, the sender of the envelope will need to correct the email and resend the document

5. Your recipient has previously unsubscribed from Signable emails

To reverse this (with permission from the recipient), please contact Signable on. 0800 612 6263 / 0117 214 0 412

6. The email is showing as bounced

It could be due to many reasons. Some of these are outlines below:

Wrong email address supplied by the client, or a mistake by yourselves,
Their email address is having technical difficulties,
They have reached their mail space quota,
Free emails (such as Hotmail, Yahoo!) are often disabled due to inactivity.

7. Missing tenant name

This is usually as a result in an edit of a name in the tenant record or a deletion of a Person record from Contacts.  To fix this delete the record from tenancy>tenant and re add the tenant. See 2nd image below

sort order

To correct this delete the tenant and re-add


8. Documents that return blank signature boxes

a) Special fill-able form fields embedded inside a document are not supported by this process. They will be returned blank





9. PDF`s that cause an error at the end

When trying to send a PDF or attach PDF that is password protected or downloaded from certain websites an internal error may occur. Signable cannot handle these documents type. These documents require flattening.  flattening is the process of removing this separate form data and adding it as text, images, and shapes into the actual PDF data stream. The PDF will still look the same but the user can no longer interact with the forms. It stops the form values being editable and easily changed.

If an internal error shows you will need to flatten the PDF



To flatten open the document and go to print


print to microsoft print to PDF>print





10. When using pre-defined signature fields the second signature won`t allow for the signer to sign

This may happen as a result of spacing between the last piece of text and the variable string. or the signature field wrapping around (image 2)




11. I`ve received a document to sign and i am being asked to sign as tenant

This happens when you have inadvertently put your name in the wrong box


12. An email sent by Signable has failed

Sometimes you may receive an email notifying you that the document you sent out has bounced back.

There could be different reasons for this email failure. One of the reasons could be that the user’s mailbox is full. If the bounce reason states something like ‘User does not exist’ please check that you have entered the user’s email incorrectly. If you are sure you have, please double check with the user that it is the correct email address.

13. My contract layout has changed

Any conversion from one format to another uses 3rd party conversion software. This conversion can cause distortion and changes to the layout of your document. To avoid this there are simple rules to follow.

  • Avoid complicated formatting and footers. We advise that you strip these out by copy and pasting to notepad and then putting back into a word document. Mailmerge and digital signature work best with simplistic documents
  • Keep a nice distance from the top and bottom of a page to prevent the conversion moving text to another page
  • Avoid conversion to PDF if your sending off for DIGITAL signature. Conversion can cause distortion and its an unecessary conversion as signable will convert to PDF

14. The document returned a field not signed, but it shows signed in the activity log

a/ The reason is the pre-defined variable is on two lines. Ensure you don’t put the variable to close to the end as it may go on to two lines. To solve the issue simply change the layout so signatures do not go across the page


b) The recipient put a single character and hit submit



15. Error code 554

554 email error is sometimes thought of as a catch-all of email errors. It is generally used when there is a generic delivery failure that another email error code doesn’t directly define a problem for. Some mail servers also use a 554 error even if there is a specific error code that defines what went wrong already


16. Which file formats do you accept when I upload new documents or templates?

Signable currently accept a few file formats when uploading a document, either as a new envelope or as a template. While Signable do support the formats below, they always recommend uploading web-optimised PDF files as they find these are the most consistent and they experience very few formatting issues with these.

Please also be aware that Signable currently only support files in A4, portrait and landscape orientation.

The file formats we currently support are:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Word (doc, docx)
  • Microsoft Excel (xls, xlsx)

17. Errors at the end after you submit

This is a timing issue with signable not responding to our request to pick up the document.  Try and resend from the dropdown. Wait for 30 min until doing this as we need to wait on signable servers to respond. This can happen during a busy time when signable servers are handling lots of documents.



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