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Troubleshoot credit checks from Transunion

No result can be due to:

  • Incorrect spelling of a name or incorrect data
  • Incorrect address for that name

Call credit charge if the data entered is incorrect or the address is incorrect and a result returned. The return on the information in itself is a result as an applicant can give poor or fraudulent information. 

Data requirements

Please ensure minimum data validation that is required by call credit when entering details

Credit Check field validations:

fields min length max length
first name 1 30
last name 2 30
flat number 0 30
house number 1 12
house name 0 50
address 1 1 50
city 1 25
postcode 1 8
country ONLY UK
** Min length = 0 means that it’s not required field
*** Length count including all `space`


Incorrect address



If it is canceled at this point it will show as “Complete information”

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