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Troubleshoot the live bank feed

The live bank feed seems to have stopped importing transactions

Go to the bank account and synchronize


My account is showing transactions that are not coming through on the live bank feed

This will happen because the bank must confirm the transaction as declined or booked. How long does it take for a transaction to change from PENDING to BOOKED? The banks determine the status of these payments. We have no influence over this, we simply get passed that information from the bank.  For example, BACs payments take up to 3 days to clear so it’s not unusual to see them in a PENDING state during that.  It’s possible other banks choose not to send a PENDING status, or perhaps they move from PENDING to BOOKED quicker than their peers.

Return to the sync and review updates on the status at a later time



My account has been asked “Requires re authorisation” and  an error is generated

This will be the result of the bank having an issue. Either call the bank or come back to this as we have seen this problem sorted over time



Safe connect is used by our third-party open banking partner Yaplilly to connect to the banks



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